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  2. Hot Selling Countertop Blender Will Grinder TB-880

    Best sell table blender with 1500ml capacity blender jar,3 speeds and pulse control,multi-functions with blender and grinder mix 2 in 1


    1- Power 300-350W

    2- 1500ml capacity 

    3- Strong plastic housing and blender jar

    4- Four speed and a pulse for easy and expected operating

    5- S/S 4 flowers blades even better for chopping and mixing

    6- 2 in 1 function with blender and grinder

    7- Helps to prepare your favorite fruit juice,milk shakes,and other cocktails,Quickly and easily grinds coffee,beans,nuts,spices and so on



    2-in-1 in blender

    Plastic housing

    5 buttons 3 speeds and pulse

    With 1.5L big jar for blending

    Attachment dry mill


    Packing detail:

    1pc/gift box 


    Beautiful color inner box 

    Five-layer brown outer carton


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